[TIL] How to Convert Coloured HTML Index to Linux Command


Have you ever wondered of making a coloured HTML index into a Linux Terminal command ? may be not but I did wonder how to do so.

and here I am with the complete step-by-step tutorial on how you can do the same, if ever thought to 😉

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Why would anyone do so ?

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RWSPS: Aircrack Boost Script [ch5pt3]


Aircrack Boost Script

Aircrack Boost Script(abs.sh) is a Linux Shell Script that automates the process of generating the PMKs used for speeding up the WiFi/WPA2-PSK cracking.


Aircrack Boost Script allows you to:

  1. Create PMKs using Pyrit ( MultiThreaded )
  2. Create PMKs using GenPMK ( SingleThreaded )
  3. Pass info as an argument to the script
  4. Pass info from Standard Input ( STDIN )
  5. Beautifully Generate PMKs
  6. Compare execution time of tasks
  7. Use it FREE 🙂


abs.sh is designed for Kali Linux specifically but will work on other Linux flavours also.
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