BitTorrent File System – Mount and Download Torrents

BTFS-BitTorrent FileSystem

Apart from GUI and Command line downloaders, torrent has been a great source of data downloading and sharing.

But, there are times when you just cannot wait for your download to finish and just want to watch the content, like I do with WWDC everytime 😉

It might’ve happened many times with you too when want to see your favourite show/movie on torrent and have to wait for the download to complete to have a glimpse of your favourite content


If you are a programmer and have fun with H/w tools like Raspberry Pi, it is pretty obvious that you don’t have display connected to your Pi all the time, but you can access the files over the network right to your laptop.
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[TIL] How to Convert Coloured HTML Index to Linux Command


Have you ever wondered of making a coloured HTML index into a Linux Terminal command ? may be not but I did wonder how to do so.

and here I am with the complete step-by-step tutorial on how you can do the same, if ever thought to 😉

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Why would anyone do so ?

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